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Let Go

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...changes..... [Dec. 2nd, 2004|12:21 am]
Let Go
Change....change is a good thing. We have all changed this year, a lot actually. It is a good thing cause we are all growing up. We are all hanging out with different crowds and doing different things, things that you wouldn't have expected yourself to do last year at this time. Change is never a bad thing and no matter how you change, your friends will always love you for who you are. We all have our secrets and we all hide a lot of crap that either goes on in our lives or that we might be ashamed of.


It is okay if your sexuality has changed. You will still be my friend and everyone elses too. We will all still love you and you will still be the same person you have always been. If you dont want to admit it on here, then just hit me up on my cell phone and we can talk about it. It is okay, seriously. I will understand cause I have had many gay or bisexual friends. I really dont care what your preference is. What matters is that your happy and that you live life the way that you want to live it. You know who you are and if you have to ask me then it isnt you that I am talking about. If you ask me if it is you, then you might be questioning your sexuality as well.